The Olympics people are seriously considering eSports

The International Olympic Committee and the Global Association of International Sports Federations are hosting a forum. And it's not just any forum, but one to discuss the topic of eSports with the aim of building "joint understanding" between the sport sport and eSports worlds. Which sounds like a lot of marketing speak for the IOC and GAISF trying to work out if an eSports Olympics will make them any money.

The event, which takes place on July 21st in Lausanne, will offer a series of talks and panels about how eSports and the Olympics can work together. That includes talks on Twitch's success, pushes for gender equality, the lives of elite players and governance structures. Since the IOC has already said it's open to welcoming digital athletics into the tent, hopefully the idea of an eSports Olympics isn't such a fanciful notion. After all, the 2022 Asian Games has already made room for an eSports competition as a medal event.

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Source: IOC

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