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If Kilauea's lava lake falls below the water table, the results could be explosive

Science Here’s how that steam-powered boom could happen. The swift and tunneling descent into the earth of a lava lake near Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano raises the potential of a different kind of eruptive event… via Popular Science ""

You’re less likely to get a tick bite if you steer clear of these spots

Animals It's time to start taking precautions. Some parts of the forests may be tick magnets but the little suckers are pretty much everywhere… via Popular Science ""

Fixing harmful smartphone habits is a lot harder than getting users hooked

Technology New features in the latest Android reflect a growing trend of people trying to separate from their devices. Google's new tools try to address increasing concern from smartphone users and advocacy groups. via Popular Science ""

Daily Deal - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, 50% Off

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Americans spend more time alone than ever—but that doesn’t mean we’re lonely

Health But social media might not be a longterm solution. Taken together, research finds that young people in the U.S. may be more socially isolated in recent years, but are paradoxically becoming less lonely. There doesn’t… via Popular Science ""

How to brew worm tea

DIY For fertilizer, not drinking. Jim Shaw has been in the worm business since he was a teenager. His favorite application of the creepy crawlers: turning their droppings into worm tea. via Popular Science ""

Which allergy medication is the best? It's complicated.

Allergic Reaction But here's our best advice. We may not know much about allergies, but gosh darn it do we have some great drugs for them. In the United States, the allergy aisle in a typical pharmacy is a veritable… via Popular Science ""