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Free Weekend - Groove Coaster

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Daily Deal - Little Nightmares, 75% Off

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5 Limitations of Network-Centric Security in the Cloud

Traditional security solutions were designed to identify threats at the perimeter of the enterprise, which was primarily defined by the network. Whether called firewall, intrusion detection system, or intrusion prevention system, these tools delivered "network-centric" solutions. However, much like a sentry guarding the castle, they generally emphasized identification and were not meant to investigate activity that might have gotten past their surveillance. Modern threats targeting public clouds (PaaS or IaaS platforms) require a different level of insight and action. Since executables come and go instantaneously, network addresses and ports are recycled seemingly at random, and even the fundamental way traffic flows have changed, compared to the traditional data center. To operate successfully in modern IT

Ransomware: Why Hackers Have Taken Aim at City Governments

When the news media reports on data breaches and other forms of cybercrime, the center of the story is usually a major software company, financial institution, or retailer. But in reality, these types of attacks are merely part of the damage that global hackers cause on a daily basis. Town and city governments are becoming a more common target for online criminals. For example, a small city in Florida, Riviera Beach , had their office computers hacked and ended up paying $600,000 to try to reverse the damage. Hackers saw this as a successful breach and are now inspired to look at more public institutions that could be vulnerable. Why are cities and towns so susceptible to hacking, how are these attacks carried out, and what steps should administrators take to protect citizen data? How Hackers Choose Targe