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You should probably turn of FaceTime even though Apple just fixed a massive privacy bug

Technology The other person could hear you, even if you reject the call. This is bad. via Popular Science ""

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Ultima Thule from New Horizons

Ultima Thule from New Horizons
How do distant asteroids differ from those near the Sun? To help find out, NASA sent the robotic New Horizons spacecraft past the classical Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule, the farthest asteroid yet visited by a human spacecraft. Zooming past the 30-km long space rock on January 1, the featuredimage is the highest resolution picture of Ultima Thule's surface beamed back so far. Utima Thuli does look different than imagedasteroids of the inner Solar System, as it shows unusual surface texture, relatively few obvious craters, and nearly spherical lobes. Its shape is hypothesized to have formed from the coalescence of early Solar System rubble in into two objects -- Ultima and Thule -- which then spiraled together and stuck. Research will continue into understanding the origin of different surface regions on Ultima Thule, whether it has a thin atmosphere, how it obtained its red color, and what this new knowledge of the ancie…

Last week in tech: Airport troubles, folding phones, and a test to find out if you're tone deaf

Technology Catch up on all the tech news you missed while trying to stay warm. Do you want a folding phone? Maybe. via Popular Science ""

How birds of a feather flock together

Animals The mechanics of surfing the wind—or waves. A new study attempts to understand the mechanics of how a flock of individual birds, or a school of individual fish, can move in nearly-identical shapes. via Popular Science ""

Is it safe to lift weights while pregnant?

Muscle Month There's very little information out there. Even in 2019, many of us still act like pregnancy is practically a disability. via Popular Science ""

Here’s why gym clothes smell so rank—and how to freshen them up

Muscle Month The science of stink. Sometimes, especially with clothes made from synthetic fibers, unpleasant odors linger even after multiple washes. Why do gym clothes stink so badly? via Popular Science ""

Flying taxis are making progress, one minute at a time

Technology What to know about Boeing's latest test flight, and the 'third era of aviation.' What you need to know about the cool new flying machines called VTOLs, or vertical take-off and landing craft. via Popular Science ""

Daily Deal - Runner3, 50% Off

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Fake trees could help us fight climate change

Nexus Media News Researchers say artificial photosynthesis can clean up atmospheric carbon pollution. New research indicates that artificial photosynthesis could stave off carbon pollution in the future. via Popular Science ""

Survive an avalanche by carrying these four key pieces of gear

Gadgets And keep in mind: in most accidents, a snow slide is triggered by the group hit by it. And keep in mind: in most accidents, a snow slide is triggered by the group hit by it. via Popular Science ""

Canadians found a safer way to transport oil and, yes, it looks like a hockey puck

Environment But petroleum shipping remains an inherently risky business. One company wants to solidify oil into hockey pucks for safer transportation, but environmental activists aren't so sure. via Popular Science ""