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Powershell GUI encode decode images

Recently I was working on the one of my project, In the same I required to add few images to GUI, and needed to encode and decode images in the script so no external file is required to port incase if I want to share and there will be only sole ps1 script. Here in below video not a single external picture image is used. They are for onetime encoded with powershell as base64 string and then same string is used to decode in the script.Here I have download all the required images from internet as shown in below screenshot and showing demo for one image only, for other images need you can follow same procedure to convert encode image. With below one-liner command I encoded image to base64 string, yellow highlighted text is the image file path. Converted string is directly copied to clipboard.[convert]::ToBase64String((get-content 'C:TempIconstwitter.png'-encoding byte))|Out-ClipboardMore information on convert to base64 string, check this link. Copied string is pasted in side scri…

vSAN Stretched Cluster networking

vSAN Stretched Cluster networking A vSAN Stretched Cluster is a specific configuration implemented in environments where disaster/downtime avoidance is a key requirement. Setting up a stretched cluster can be daunting. More

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Contractor hoped to sell social media surveillance to oppressive regimes

Western companies are still interested in selling surveillance tools to governments that could easily abuse them. The Interceptclaims to have leaked documents suggesting that Circinus, the defense contractor run by Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy, planned to sell social media surveillance tools to governments still known for suppressing free speech, including Tunisia and the UAE. Circinus' tools harvest sites like Facebook and Twitter in a bid to find and identify "detractors" -- that is, political dissidents. While the software only sifts through public data, it's likely this information would be used to punish critics who could otherwise count on a degree of anonymity.And unlike some sales of questionable tools, Circinus wouldn't just wash its hands of responsibility the moment it clinched a deal. In a pitch to Cyprus, the contractor advertised the ongoing involvement of a US-based team that would hide Cyprus' use of the surveillance program. If any…

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Hayabusa2 Approaches Asteroid Ryugu

Hayabusa2 Approaches Asteroid Ryugu
It looks like a big space diamond -- but with craters. It's 162173 Ryugu (Dragon's Castle), and Japan's robotic Hayabusa2 mission is now arriving at this near-Earth asteroid. Ambitious Hayabusa2 is carrying an armada of separable probes, including two impactors, four small close-proximity hoverers, three small surface hoppers, and the Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) which will land, study, and move around on Ryugu's surface. Most of these are equipped with cameras. Moreover, Hayabusa2 itself is scheduled to collect surface samples and return these samples to Earth for a detailed analysis near the end of 2020. Previously, what was known about asteroid Ryugu was its orbit, that it spans about one kilometer, and that it has a dark surface that reflects unusual colors. Studying Ryugu could tell humanity not only about Ryugu's surface and interior, but about what materials were available in the early Solar System for the de…

Scientists validate theory of relativity on galactic level

Einstein's theory of general relativity is rather important when it's crucial to the modern understandings of the universe and technology like satellites. But does it hold up with something as vast as a galaxy? Thanks to researchers, we know the answer is "yes." They've conducted a test that used two comparatively distant galaxies, one in front of the other, to show that relativity checks out.The study used the Hubble Space Telescope and the Very Large Telescope to gauge the mass of the foreground galaxy using both gravitational lensing for its background counterpart as well as the speed of the stars around its edges, using the comparison to see whether the measurements are consistent. The result was an error margin of 9 percent -- that sounds like a lot, but it's both the most precise measurement of relativity to date and demonstrates that the science is valid.There's no drama involved, but that's news in itself. While the test doesn't concl…

Xiaomi's latest tablet offers LTE on the cheap

Save for the earlier false alarm of Google nixing the tablet section on its website, things have been a little quiet in the Android tablet world. But earlier today, Xiaomi updated its tablet lineup with the Mi Pad 4, an 8-inch, 0.76-pound metallic slate that starts from a mere 1,099 yuan or about $170. Not bad at all for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 device with 3GB of LPDDR4x RAM, 32GB of eMMC 5.1 storage, microSD expansion, a 1,920 x 1,200 IPS display and more.For an extra 300 yuan (about $46), you get 4GB of RAM plus twice as much storage; but you might as well throw in another 100 yuan ($15) for the LTE + GPS version. At 1,499 yuan or about $230, the Mi Pad 4 is one of the most affordable LTE tablets coming from a major brand.Despite their attractive prices, all three models -- available in black or gold -- still pack a 6,000mAh battery, dual microphones, stereo speakers plus a pair of f/2.0 cameras -- 5 megapixels on the front and 13 megapixels on the back. The only notable downside …

AT&T managers encouraged unethical DirecTV Now sales pitches

There's no question that AT&T really, really likes it when customers sign up for DirecTV Now. It regularly touts the subscriber numbers, and it has lately offset troubles with the telecom's conventional TV business. However, its sales staff may have been pushed into selling the service more aggressively than they'd like. A Hawaii News Nowinvestigation asserts that AT&T retail managers pressured staff into using unethical sales tactics for DirecTV Now. Most notably, the higher-ups reportedly encouraged reps to falsely claim that cellphone purchases carried a fee, and then say the fee would disappear if customers signed up for a DirecTV Now trial.They'd also take advantage of promotional periods to sign up more trials than they should. DirecTV Now would normally cost $35 per month, but $10 promo periods let them use the same credit card for three trials. Managers also purportedly broke company policy by offering to cancel trials on customers' behalf before th…

Navy backs 'omniphobic' coatings to help ships travel further

Researchers have already explored the idea of using water-repellent ship coatings that let ships travel faster and further. The US Navy, however, is taking things a step further. It's backing University of Michigan work on an "omniphobic" coating that shrugs off virtually any liquid (it'll even fend off peanut butter) while lasting for a long time. Ships could theoretically glide through the water without nearly as much friction as ordinary vessels, consuming less fuel and traveling longer.The scientists purposefully bucked conventional wisdom, which would combine the most repellent filler material with an equally durable polymer matrix. Rather, they looked for the best combination. The team combed through "vast" computer databases for chemicals and used equations based on molecular properties to see how the two would behave when mixed together.Significantly, the coating appears to be ideal for the real world. You can brush or spray it on, and it can …