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Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded. General Fix crash when page search bar is dismissed while a search is in progress Library Added a new library shelf "Play Next", which recommends unplayed games from your library (similar to the Steam Labs experiment of the same name). Steam Overlay Fix an OpenGL game crash that could be caused in rare cases after a screen resolution change while the overlay is not up Steam Cloud Fix to have Steam use the correct local relative path for game data for some games on linux Steam Workshop Fixed workshop downloads never finishing in some cases SteamVR Turned off running in Game Theater for configuration, dedicated server, editor, and manual launch options. Steam Input Fixed compatibility issues with Thrustmaster’s Thustmapper software Remote Play Fixed broadcasting on macOS for systems with network interfaces that have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses macOS Fixed som

Free Weekend - Fallout 76

Play Fallout 76 for FREE starting now through Monday at 10AM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Fallout 76 at 25% off the regular price!* If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Fallout 76. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here . *Offer ends Thursday, May 21st at 10AM Pacific Time via Steam RSS News Feed ""