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Astronomy Picture of the Day: Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station

Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station Have you ever seen a rocket launch -- from space? A close inspection of the featured time-lapse video will reveal a rocket rising to Earth orbit as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). The Russia n Soyuz-FG rocket was launched ten days ago from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan , carrying a Progress MS-10 (also 71P ) module to bring needed supplies to the ISS. Highlights in the 90-second video (condensing about 15-minutes) include city lights and clouds visible on the Earth on the lower left, blue and gold bands of atmospheric airglow running diagonally across the center, and distant stars on the upper right that set behind the Earth. A lower stage can be seen falling back to Earth as the robotic supply ship fires its thrusters and begins to close on the ISS , a space laboratory that is celebrating its 20th anniversar

Nine gifts for the casual gamer

Gift Guides Not all gamers are, you know, gamers. Being a casual gamer means you can (and should) proudly wear that Zelda T-shirt you love and deck out your home in Pac Man decor. Here's a guide for your friend who is a… via Popular Science ""

Seven music apps to turn your Apple Watch into an audio controller

DIY Play tunes and podcasts from your wrist. It's time to load up your new Apple Watch with audio apps. This selection will give you easy access to your tunes, identify songs, queue up podcasts, and more. via Popular Science ""