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Frankenstein was based on some very real (and very creepy) experiments

Science Scientists really did believe that electricity might be able to bring the dead back to life. The idea that electricity really was the stuff of life and that it might be used to bring back the dead was certainly a familiar one in the kinds of circles in which the… via Popular Science ""

The next novel you read may be in Facebook Messenger

Technology Facebook, Hooked, and other platforms are changing the way we read. We aren't exactly a nation of readers. But these tech companies want to change that, by putting fiction on our smartphones. via Popular Science ""

Left 4 Dead - Update

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead

- Fixed a potential buffer overflow in closed captions. Reported via HackerOne. via Steam RSS News Feed ""

Portal 2 - Update

An update has been released for Portal 2

- Fixed possible remote code execution exploits.
- Fixed potential buffer overflow in closed captions.
Reported via HackerOne. via Steam RSS News Feed ""

Scientists set up a haunted lab to figure out why we like being scared

Science Or why some of us do, anyway. The researchers set up their makeshift lab in the basement of the haunted house, recruiting people who had already purchased tickets. via Popular Science ""

The swamp science that lured travelers to their doom—and inspired the jack-o’-lantern

Science And led to one of the first American science experiments. A mysterious light hovers over a marsh, luring travelers to their watery dooms. This real phenomenon earned the nickname will o' the wisp—or jack-o'-lantern. Here's the… via Popular Science ""

Bitcoin is probably bad for the planet, but exactly how bad remains to be seen

Technology An alarming new study may also be "deeply flawed." This study claims that Bitcoin mining could warm the Earth by 2 degrees C within 22 years, all by itself. One energy expert calls baloney. via Popular Science ""

Dota 2 Update - October 31st, 2018

- Fixed a longstanding bug that caused units to attack more slowly than expected at certain attack speeds.
- Fixing a bug that caused Morphling to not gain stats when leveling up while morphed.
- Fixed a bug that allowed the Silence from Riki's Smoke Screen to be applied to units with Spell Immunity.
- Fixed a bug that caused Monkey King to become disabled when Feared during Primal Spring channeling.
- Fixed post-game scoreboard text not clipping correctly with long strings. via Steam RSS News Feed ""

We created a frankenhouse of the most common phobias

Science Explore the things that keep humanity up at night—and learn why they haunt us. What keeps you up at night? This frankenhouse is the ultimate fear factory, based on humanity’s most commonly diagnosed phobias. Learn why they get to us. via Popular Science ""

Picture This: Mystery Tourism Spots

Mystery Tourism Spots
By Melissa Lindberg

Halloween provides an opportunity to meditate on — and perhaps to visit — some of the American landscape's more mysterious tourist destinations. I recently grew curious about these peculiar attractions when I came across a photograph by roadside documentarian John Margolies of a sign for Saint Ignace, Michigan's Mystery Spot.The Saint Ignace Mystery Spot promises visitors a disorienting sensory experience marked by visual anomalies and feelings of lightheadedness and queasiness. According to its website, this Mystery Spot was discovered by three surveyors, who found that "no matter how many times they tried to level their tripod… the plum-bob would always be drawn far to the east, even as the level was reading level." Spooky.Mystery Spot entrance, Saint Ignace, Michigan, 1980. Photo by John Margolies. West Virginia's Mystery Hole similarly beckons visitors to "See the laws of gravity defied!&quo…

Behold the mighty elephant bird, blindly crashing through the Madagascan forest

Science Sightless, flightless, and 10 feet tall. Islands breed strange animals. Isolated from the rest of the world, these ecosystems often produce creatures uniquely adapted to their idiosyncratic environments. via Popular Science ""

Is my headache actually eye strain?

Health Why tired eyes cause you pain. You’ve got a headache for the third time this week, and the culprit could be anything. But what if the pain is just coming from eye strain? via Popular Science ""

The spookiest things we learned this week

Science Our editors scrounged up some truly frightful facts. What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast. via Popular Science ""