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Six gadgets that work with your smart speaker to automate your home

DIY Get some friends for your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers sync with a growing number of gadgets. Here are our picks to control your lights, television, security, and more. via Popular Science ""

2018 is almost finished, so I'm celebrating all the gadgets I loved

Gadgets My favorite products of the year. I've been testing products for two years. Testing for the year has come to a close. Here are the items I loved. via Popular Science ""

Stop shouting at your smart home so much and set up multi-step routines

Technology This week, Google pushed out its multi-step smart home actions you can start with a simple voice command. Whether your smart home is based on the Google, Apple, or Amazon platform, you can cut down on the number of commands you have to shout. via Popular Science ""

Picture This: The View from Above: Newly Added Photos from Carol M. Highsmith

The View from Above: Newly Added Photos from Carol M. Highsmith
By Kristi Finefield

Today we take to the air with photographer Carol M. Highsmith and journey up and down the Eastern seaboard. Over the last year, photos of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have come to the Library of Congress to be added to the ever-growing Carol M. Highsmith Archive. Highsmith's project to document America with her camera took her through numerous states on the East Coast in the last few years, and in many states, she took to the skies to capture aerial views of the land and water below. These aerial (and some almost aerial) views are just a portion of the photos taken of these states, and the change in altitude certainly offers a new perspective. Let's start and finish above small islands in the selected photos below, first up north in Maine and then all the way down south in Georgia!Maine:An October 2017 aerial view of the Cape Neddick Ligh…

A week of holiday junk food could derail your gut microbiome—but there's hope

Health Treat your gut to some roughage. In a study in mice, researchers found that just a week on a low-fiber diet caused a drastic shift in gut microbes, which could lead to diseases over time. via Popular Science ""