America’s largest supermarket chain is launching a fully driverless delivery service

Kroger, the nation's largest supermarket chain, is teaming up with Nuro, a two-year-company started by two veterans of Google's self-driving car team, to launch a fully driverless delivery service, the two companies announced Thursday.

A pilot will be rolled out to a yet-to-be-announced city later this fall. To start out, Nuro will use a fleet of self-driving test vehicles with human safety drivers to make deliveries for Kroger's grocery stores. Customers can track and interact with the vehicles via a Nuro app or Kroger's pre-existing online delivery platform. But if Nuro's human test drivers don't get out to help you, don't be mad because in our driverless future, we all need to pitch in and unload our own groceries.

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via The Verge - Tech Posts
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