BBC show uses VR for home renovation designs

The BBC is delving further into virtual reality with a property show in which homeowners explore 360-degree renderings of their new-look abodes before they renovate them, Deadline reports. In the BBC Two show, Watch This Space, couples strap on VR headsets and see designs from two architects, who have crafted virtual renderings of the remodeled homes. The couples will select a design, then get to work on making their dream home a reality. Production on Watch This Space is underway.

The new show marks another step forward in the BBC's embrace of VR. It struck a deal last week for Untold Story, a show that sees directors break down passion projects that never came to life. They'll explore their movies' pre-production materials in VR. Last year, the broadcaster launched the BBC Taster VR app, which included a 360-degree Planet Earth II experience. The BBC is also showing games from the World Cup in virtual reality -- however, the results are a touch janky.

Source: Deadline

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