Oculus Medium is becoming a better VR sculpting tool

With the next version of Medium, the immersive VR sculpting tool for the Rift, Oculus is giving users exactly what they're asking for. That includes long-awaited features like grid snapping (below), up to 100 layers and the ability to add more than one light. Medium is similar to Google's Tiltbrush, except it's focused on creating 3D objects, not entire scenes. Another useful addition: You can now send your 3D sculptures directly to your Oculus Home virtual living room.

For the most part, Medium 2.0 seems much easier to use than its predecessor. With a revamped file system and UI, it's easier for you to find the elements you want quickly. And thanks to a new rendering engine, which uses Vulkan, it can also take more advantage of GPUs. You can expect things to be a bit smoother when you're dealing with larger sculptures, for example. Medium 2.0 also has tutorials to help you get a hang of new tools like "Elastic Move," which lets you stretch out your creations.

At $30, Medium 2.0 is $10 more than Tilt Brush, but it's still inexpensive enough for would-be 3D designers to take a look.

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