Qualcomm’s first new smartwatch chip in two years is for kids’ watches

It's been more than two years since Qualcomm last introduced a new smartwatch processor, and Android smartwatches have very much stalled (to a large extent, though certainly not exclusively) because of it. That's going to change this year as Qualcomm introduces at least two new smartwatch chips. The first one is being announced today, but it isn't the general-purpose chip we've been waiting for: instead, it's meant just for kids' watches.

The new chip, the Snapdragon Wear 2500, is designed for what Qualcomm sees as an emerging market of smartwatches built around kids' (and parents') needs. Pankaj Kedia, who leads wearables at Qualcomm, says these watches are meant to give kids the ability to keep learning and connecting with gadgets when...

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