Airbnb partners with Century 21 to let Parisians sublet their apartments

Airbnb is trying out a new business arrangement in Paris to bypass stringent French renting regulations. The company is now partnering with international real estate company Century 21 to effectively cut a deal at the signing of a new lease stating that a Parisian renter may sublet their apartment on Airbnb, so long as the landlord and Century 21 get a cut of 23 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

"The goal is to make it easier to sublet so hosts can welcome guests up to 120 days per year on Airbnb. A win-win deal as tenants, landlords and the agency all share the income when a booking is made on Airbnb," reads a joint press published today on Airbnb's website. "With the Airbnb-friendly lease, subletting will be much better supervised....

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