You can crowdfund a robot that will nag you to stand up straight

There's a new robot on Kickstarter that's supposed to help you obtain good posture at your standing desk. It's an Alexa-enabled gadget named Giiro, which uses the accompanying Giiromat, a mat you place on the floor in front of your desk, to sense if you're standing up straight and distributing your weight evenly.

Giiro is made by the South Korean IoT company Gaze Lab in collaboration with a startup called Morethings that makes sensor-based products like smart insoles and smart golf mats. Gaze Lab previously launched its standing Gaze Desk on Kickstarter in 2016 and successfully raised enough to launch it. The Gaze Desk could also watch your posture through sensors, but the Giiro robot takes things a step further by giving you a funny...

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via The Verge - Tech Posts
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