Facebook's new ad transparency tools will reportedly launch this week

Last October, Facebook announced that it would start requiring advertisers to disclose their identities when purchasing space on the social network. Now, according to a report at Politico, the company is going global with the feature this week in a tool called "View Ads." The system was set to go live in Canada last year, and the database has been live since May; this will expand the on-site availability to the rest of the world.

With 10 million people seeing Russian-placed political ads, Facebook is doing what it can to fight undue influence through ad buys. It has also pledged to hand-review new ads that target politics and race. Facebook's vice president for global public policy, Joel Kaplan, confirmed the View Ads feature and release date to a small group of reporters in Brussels, says Politico. It will let users pay more attention to how special interest groups use Facebook for their own ends.

Source: Politico

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