Nissan's Xmotion concept swaps key fobs for fingerprints

Infiniti's eye toward the future has manifested itself with the Xmotion (pronounced "Crossmotion;" it's a crossover SUV). The suicide-door clad ride boasts hand and eye motion and gesture sensors for the generous door-to-door digital dashboard, climate controls and infotainment system. The latter is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple's Car Play setups, as well as surround sound for the 4+2 seating arrangement. In the stage demo, the display showed off swimming koi and driving information. The fish are actually a virtual assistant, and you can see them in action below.

As far as power goes, Infiniti is holding that close to the chest aside from saying it has an Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system. More than that, it also uses a fingerprint reader instead of a key fob to unlock the doors. It also uses the ProPilot driver assist system for semi-autonomous single lane highway travel.

Nissan has sold over 75k semi-autonomous vehicles, saying that it has more on the road than any other mass market manufacturer. By 2022, its ProPilot tech will be in all of its models.

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