Lexus LF-1 concept looks toward an electrified, autonomous future

A few months ago Toyota and Lexus announced that by 2025, all of their car models would either be electric or have an electric powertrain option. Today at the NAIAS event, Lexus showed off a slick concept crossover that could be a part of that future. The LF-1 "Limitless" concept design is supposed to invoke "molten katana," but the important parts are inside. With options for a gas, plug-in hybrid or all-electric powertrain, it fits into Lexus' vision for the future.

Naturally, it also includes intelligent and autonomous features, with a chauffeur mode that can get you home hands-free, and suspension that reacts to driving style, road conditions and weather data. "Four-dimensional" navigation takes time into account, suggesting breaks for gas, rest and, at appropriate times, setting up hotel reservations like a concierge. The touch controls inside include haptic responses, while a touchpad accepts data entry.

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Source: Lexus

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