Twitch turns cheers into charity during 'Thursday Night Football'

Twitch has announced a couple of new features that aim to make Thursday Night Football an even more exciting -- and worthy -- watch. First up is the TNF Live Extension, where you can make your armchair coaching heard. Predict how drives will end, who will win and more, and if you call the right shots, you'll end up on the leaderboard, which you can gleefully flaunt in front of your friends next time they make a lousy call.

Secondly, you can now turn your cheering into a good cause. During every TNF broadcast throughout October, Twitch will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every 100 bits cheered. Get started this week, when two legendary co-streamers join the fold: Super Bowl champion Shannon Sharpe and Twitch icon TimTheTatman will be putting their unique spins on the game when the Colts visit the Patriots.

Source: Twitch

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