Philips Hue now supports iOS 12's Siri Shortcuts

With the launch of iOS 12, iPhone owners were introduced to Siri's new Shortcuts feature that makes suggestions based on a user's routines. Numerous third-party apps — such as Pandora, Evernote and even Google News — already offer such integration, but one of the most eagerly anticipated platforms, Philips Hue, has been missing. Now, that wait is over — Philips Hue users with the latest version of the app received Shortcuts support today.

The update means that users can activate lighting scenes by using recorded personal phrases. In addition, Siri now learns when certain scenes are used and "suggests them for quick activation on the phone's lock screen, Siri search or Siri watch-face," Philips wrote in its App Store description. The new features, however, are only available on the square-shaped Hue Bridge v2.

The Hue app can now also interact with other apps and services, which means that a lighting scene can be part of a more elaborate shortcut that can also include playing certain music or changing the phone's sound profile.

Via: 9to5Mac

Source: Philips Hue on the App Store

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